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    Mwingo Academy::Home
    Mwingo Academy was established in October 2001 with a population of 7 children and 4 teachers.

    The school is located in Port-Reitz location next to Seventh Day Adventist Church, Kenya Coast Field Headquarters, Mombasa District, Coast Province.  It is in a spacious, quiet and secure environment conducive for academic atmosphere.

    • It offers the 8-4-4 curriculum from Nursery to Standard 8.
    • The Pre-units are from Kg 1 – Kg 3.
    • The school has qualified, devoted and experienced teachers under the leadership of experienced educationist proprietors.
    • Guidance and counseling is offered.
    • Co-curricular activities, Junior Athletics are the divisional champions and Senior Team are the Divisional representatives every year.
    • The school also participates in Music Festivals up to National Levels.
    • Other co-curriculum activities include Internal Quiz Programs, Debates, Mjadala and Clubs (Christian Union, Wildlife, Drama & Music, Scouts & Girl Guides) to improve creativity right from nursery.
    • There is also religious freedom as pupils and teachers are allowed to participate in their religions e.g. Muslims, S.D.A., Catholic and Protestants.


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